Christmas Yard Art - Make Easy Yard Decorations for Christmas

Creating Christmas yard art can be as simple as using a Christmas shape template with accessories added. A grouping of different shapes in holiday colors can look very festive in your yard.

First, find a shape that you want to use. Search the internet for "Christmas tree shape" or "Christmas tree template" for example. Enlarge the shape or draw it freehand on a piece of plywood. Christmas trees, presents, ornaments and stocking shapes work particularly well.

\"Christmas Decorations\"

Cut the shape out of the plywood. Sand the edges if needed. Paint the entire shape on both sides in a base color.

Christmas Yard Art - Make Easy Yard Decorations for Christmas

After the paint is dry, using another color of paint add touches like stripes to an ornament or color the toe and top of a stocking shape.

If you are making more than one shape to go together as a grouping, it looks nice to pick a color pallet and stay in those colors. Like red and green are nice and bright. You could paint 2 shapes in red and 2 shapes in green. Another suggestion is using gold, silver and white.

For the stakes, use 2 wooden dowel rods or steel rods for each. Paint these to match your shape. Attach them to the shape with small u-shaped brackets that can be attached with screws. Look for conduit hangers to use as the u-shaped brackets.

Now add some accessories to the yard art. For a Christmas tree shape, string 3" gold bells through some wire and decorate the tree. 3" gold bells are available at craft stores. Add a weatherproof gold star on top.

Add 3" gold metal bells to a Christmas ornament shape. Just string 3 or 4 on wire and let them hang down. Or gather the bells near the top and add some weatherproof holly.

Yard art in the shape of Christmas presents can be easily adorned with outdoor ribbon and the 3" bells.

Another neat idea for yard art is to add "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays from" and your name on a plaque or added to an ornament shape.

Yard art doesn't have to be fancy. Just plain old Christmas shapes do an excellent job!

Christmas Yard Art - Make Easy Yard Decorations for Christmas

Get more free plans for Christmas yard art and Christmas yard decorations. You will also find the Christmas shape templates you need to create your outdoor Christmas decorations, along with plans to purchase for wood yard art.